The Goddess on the Go | Healthcare Leaders are failing there employees|Transformation Thursday

As I took a walk the other day some thoughts came to me about how many business professionals,business leaders in healthcare, managers, supervisors and executives are not really showing up for their employees as they show up for their clients. It’s sad to say that there are still many disparities, especially within the minority/black communities in these types of work environments where the employers disregard the well-being and even the concerns of their employees all for the sake of money.

you know it’s unfortunate that this is happening but these are just a few of the thoughts that I had on my walk in a mini more healthcare leaders need to show up for their employees they support and encourage their bottom line by providing exceptional service to their clients and that keeps them coming back time and time again so it is high time that they are not in a marginalized for any inadequacies that they may have. The healthcare system and the overall industry of healthcare service is based on revenue in the long run and much more needs to change to bring balance to both the service, culture and client care components.

Healthcare professionals must show up and show out for their employees like they do for there clients.

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