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It’s been a minute since I sat down to write a post. This space has and remains a check in to my subscribers and guest. It is  also for myself. For the works that I am cultivating in my own life as you’re reading this new entry.  The one thing at the center of my own experience now is my Health and Wellness. How do I keep growing in the habits that I’ve developed over the years? How can I get ahead of anything that presents itself as roadblock to my health and wellness and well being? Health is something that is more connected to Wellness now in this new normal. it seems you can’t have one without the other. When it comes to Health nowadays, If anything about your life is as it was, Congrats! You are doing your best to stay healthy! If like most of us, you are strattling the fence of normalcy with chaos that challenges your Wellness habits, hats off to you too! This is where we can manifest a great Breakthrough. With restrictions still widespread in many parts of our lives, maintaining consistency with what health and wellness is for you can be challenging. How do you keep up with all that is external to your health needs and also internally bring out the best in your wellness lifestyle? I’m doing a few things that are working so I thought I’d share them with you.


Keep it Simple- with what staying fit is to you

Whether you are an avid walker, runner, gym rat or at home workout freak, keeping the fitness part of your life at an easy pace, works well for peace of mind, if you’re home more than usual. It also is great for giving you a boost when done daily with consistency.


Do what is most accommodating to your well being- that won’t take you too far out of your comfort zone

If Meditation and Yoga are your thing, these can be done on the go and as part of your at home wellness routine. BY adding one or other of these to your daily or weekly routine, your bound to increase your overall mood and attitude as life comes to you with new or existing challenges daily. These are also not going to break the bank to add them to what you’re already doing.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained- learn something new

There is no time like right now to start something new. Try taking on a new project, something that is stimulating to your energy. It may be as simple as a haircut or as adventurous as indoor/outdoor skydiving.  If there’s a new way of eating that you’ve been looking into, why not check it out? Or maybe you want to find accessible outdoor spaces to connect more with Nature. Depending on your work life flow, you can set aside some time to learn more about all it will take to bring this new experience into your life now. Our phones and computers offer us access to information at the push of a button, so go ahead and see all the new places that may appeal to you.

Adding one, two or even a few tools and resources to your arsenal of only allows you to construct a lifestyle that is indestructible (figuratively and maybe even literally) to what life may bring your way. Stay motivated and remember to be gentle with yourself as you grow with the flow of all that life has for you. Stay Safe, Stay well, Stay Blessed.

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