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It seems that the world is in limbo with how we are going to get through this pandemic. Many people are rethinking how they show up in the world. Not just professionally. Not just material identities. Covid-19 and this pandemic experience is causing a lot of people, those spending lots of time at home, to reevaluate there impact in the world and on the planet itself. Globally, we have evolved into consumers with everything at the touch of a button or click. Our decisions during the pandemic are definitely affecting the growth and decline of companies and Brands that need our support to stay in business. Some more than others. The giants in the business of consumer marketing can seem at times that they have a monopoly of how we buy what we want and need. So it can be hard to draw back your attention and financial investment in the convenience that they provide. But it is so doable. You can control your impact on what you choose to buy, how you shop and the affects that your dollars have on our everchanging economy. While its not something that can happen overnight, it can be done. In this post, I’ll share with you, several, new and existing Brands/Platforms that are holding space for alternative retail experiences, in the digital market-place.

They’re are a few that you will be familiar to you and some that are growing during this pandemic. Each is still an option to consider to give other retailers, makers, cooperative communities visibility in the online retail space and beyond.



Afrikrea is an online Marketplace and makers that appeals to me and others looking to support the diverse creativity of African across the global. They are known as an Ecommerce site bringing together creators African or not to sell their creations in their own online stores for free. The platform makes it possible to find in one place the greatest variety and the widest choice of fashion, art and crafts inspired by Africa. Currently, they have listed over 165,295 products on the site that you can see and buy. You can also show your support for makers in emerging or new markets that need to grow themselves online. Click the image above to learn more about Afrikrea and what people are saying about them.

Etsy has been around since the    They are a more established global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures. They have small businesses that solely create specific items and those who offer a variety of eclectic product offerings. To stay ahead of the transformation that online shopping is undergoing, they are offering a variety of ways to stay connected to your favorite makers and service providers. They are more than just a site for crafters. They include small businesses that offer digital, food and service based products. Click the above image to learn more.


Frontier Coop has been around since 1976. They are a 40,000 member cooperative that offers herbs, spices and botanicals from around the world.  They support the growers, employees and farmers of the products that are included in the coop. They focus on quality and sustainability Both of which can be challenging during this pandemic. They continue to support various organizations around the globe inspiring wellness in the communities that the product offerings are produced. There low cost sign up is also a plus at only $10.  Click the image above to learn more about there products and the impact they continue to make on and offline.



Grove Collaborative is an online retail platform that is doing there best to take the guess work out of going Green. They offer Natural products for the home, personal and pets as well. They continue to challenge themselves with ethical stance they are taking on there own corporate carbon footprint, encouraging many of us to do the same. Click the image above to learn more about grove and the 300 plus products they include and the Brands they spotlight.



Ecotrade Company is a one-stop destination for earth friendly and sustainable products. Due to a variety of logistical challenges from the pandemic, they are featuring a selection of products made in US. They are striving to make a statement and save the planet. There Carbon Neutral Fast and Free shipping is a plus for those on the grow to green journey. Click the image above to learn more about the products that eco trading offers.


Most if not all of these online platforms and retailers are doing there part to not just be visible above the big global monopolies of online shopping. They are also doing more to make a difference in our own personal impact on the planet and all that we consume day to day. In the digital marketplace it isn’t always the biggest brand or platform that will maintain there positions. It’s those companies that are growing with these changes that we are all facing to live more purposeful, intentional lives, one dollar or purchase at a time. I hope these companies have inspired you to live beyond the conveniences that we have available to us as consumers. These companies offer great sign up incentives, product bundles and shipping options to entice new consumers to spend there dollars. again, there is something for everyone. Even if you are not interested in going Green.



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