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 As women, we are the leaders of not only our families, but the humanity. In my opinion, we started it all. When we are in charge and in full control, things work in alignment. The contrary is also true that when things are out of whack, they will follow that path as well. The same can be said about the body’s internal ecosystem. Specifically, the gut. The digestive system is a kind of epicenter or processing plant for the body’s intake and outtake. So it’s no wonder that when something that doesn’t belong gets in, things get misdirected and cause disruption in the natural flow. I learned about my own ecosystem as I’ve transitioned to a plant based way of eating over the years. I got rid of a lot of poor eating patterns that brought dis-ease to my body. But this also took away my body’s familiarity with how it got rid of what my body needed to operated at its full potential. When this happens, the body can turn on itself literally and begin the consume what it already has, itself.

Not knowing what the body needs in a period of transitioning is an issue for many people choosing to give up old habits that may have worked in the last. When you take a deeper look, you’ll see that those old habits only cultivated an ecosystem of discomfort the body was used to. To give the body what it needs, you’ll have to really pay attention to how you feel when you’re eating. And how what you’re eating is processed by the body. This may sound much more difficult than it really is. This is where a great probiotic is a wonderful addition to a healthy eating plan. Many will say that you can get these much needed enzymes and nutrients from our existing food source. That unfortunately is an ever changing landscape that brings with it some not so nice bacteria, pesticides and food integrity already compromised.




RenewLifes’ Ultimate Flora Women’s Care Probiotic is a good addition to building a balanced internal ecosystem. Meaning imprint the body’s digestion process. For many women like myself, who are also dealing with the challenges of PCOS, this Probiotic is essential in supporting womb health and wellness.

It supports urinary, digestive and immune health that are often under constant attack when hormone disruption is present in the body. It can also help balance the Vaginal Ph and yeast levels in the womb, especially for those transitioning to a healthier eating lifestyle. It is also great for supporting a better and more frequent elimination process. Yes, it helps make pooping not such a challenge. It has helped me with constipation and bloating. Click the images and links in this email to learn more about RenewLifes’ Woman’s Care probiotic formula and the benefits it can offer you.


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