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The Goddess on the Go|Affiliate Partner Spotlight| COCOTIQUE Beauty Subscription Box- For WOC

  COCOTIQUE is a deluxe beauty and lifestyle subscription box service for women of color. They have simplified the process of searching and discovering products specific to the needs of women of color for there hair, skin and beauty care needs. There showcase of products includes well established and new brands to the marketplace.They continue …

The Goddess on the Go| Affiliate Partner Spotlight| Plus CBD Oil Products

Plus CBD Oil was Created by CV Sciences, Inc. A US based, California company. They offer Natural CBD Hemp Oil products. There growing line of products include Balms, Sprays,Drops, Capsules, Gummies and Soft-gels. There products are non-gmo and gluten free. I have used there soft-gels  and drops previously in support of healing through depression and …

How to Prioritize Holism in Your Lifestyle | Holistic Nutrition and Living

Prioritizing a Holistic lifestyle means understanding the importance of various factors in health, and how they are interconnected.
— Read on spencerinstitute.com/how-to-prioritize-holism-in-your-lifestyle-holistic-nutrition-and-living/

The Goddess on the Go| Affiliate Partner Spotlight| Amazing Grass

    Amazing Greens is a company that provides Healthy Plant Based Products that support living a Holistic eating Lifestyle.  There selection range includes probiotics and green superfood powders. The products I use from this brand are there superfoods powder and There Grass & Shrooms Powder, both organic. Having to find alternatives to local markets …

The Goddess on the Go|Affiliate Partner Spotlight| Pacifica Beauty

Since 2010 I have been responsible for all my skincare needs. I made everything that I still use today, except my Face wash. I had a lot of challenges creating a product that was in the focus of cruelty free, not toxic to my skin. After a visit to my dermatologist ( side note) It’s …

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