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Since 2010 I have been responsible for all my skincare needs. I made everything that I still use today, except my Face wash. I had a lot of challenges creating a product that was in the focus of cruelty free, not toxic to my skin. After a visit to my dermatologist ( side note) It’s been 23 years since I saw a dermatologist- I know awful right). I let her know my depends and she put my mind at ease and recommended that I purchase something over the counter that I was comfortable with. Since I already usd a few of this Particular brand’s products, I looked to se what else they offered that I could consider and I found exactly what I needed with Pacifica Beauty. Pacifica Beauty is a Cruelty free Beauty Brand.

My Pacifica products that I use

They’ve been around since the mid 1990s. And through strategic marketing and phenomenal Branding (IMO) they are where they are today. They offer something for everyone, no matter your skin type, texture, color etc. they are pro- friendly and many Skin care Pros personally use and recommend them. They are also priced very well. You can find many of their lines in a variety of retailers. I first bought there vegan Natural eye liner and vegan Eye Love liquid liner. My next purchase was the island vanilla perfume oil and the island vanilla perfumed hair & body mist. Every time I smell it I inhale deeply and just relax.

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As someone with very reactive skin, so far my relationship with the products that I’ve used is non reactive. They do exactly what I need them to do, without fail. My daughter and I both use there cosmic hemp face wash in the am and there acne defense face wash at night. A little goes a long way with each one. We’ve had both bottles for over  2 months and they are both at half. There are various reviews with a ranges of opinions, but my results are satisfactory for my needs.

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