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I recently completed a 28 day(technically 30 days for me) Detox with products that I purchased from Dr Bobby Price of Holistic Re-engineering. Dr Price is a certified plant-based nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and Doctor of Pharmacy. He is an Advocate for Regaining your Health through proactive habits and plant based eating and wellness support. I chose to do this detox because throughout 2020 I had experienced several health challenges that were directly created by what I was consuming, the habits that I created during the Pandemic and the weight I had gained.

I was dealing with Anxiety and Depression, inflammation, Insomnia and Fatigue. I’ve been on a wellness journey for some time and I felt that since my 95 pounds weight reduction in 2014 that I wouldn’t regain most of what I had lost, since I wasn’t eating much of what I ate before. I also was more active and reduced many of the conditions that allowed me to develop obesity in the past. But there is no guarantee that once you lose a lot of weight you won’t gain it back. After maintaining myself at 153 pounds for several years, I felt the weight slowly creeping back on.

Holistic Re-engineering Detox Package

So In December 2020, I purchased Dr Price’s 14-Day Detox to do a test drive of the products to see if they would work for me. I had already been taking my own detox formulas regularly, but These specific products that Dr Price offers provide a cellular focused option for total body detoxification. The 14-day Detox included his Parasite Candida Cleanse and Tummy Teatox formula. Both of these products do a great job with removing waste, toxins and mucus from the body. Within a few days of taking them, I lost waist that made me feel bloated in a stomach area. I started the Detox at 171 pounds. I also reduced the inflammation that I was dealing with in my Back. I purchased my 28-day Detox shortly before the end of 2020 and received it just before the new year.. To support me in making the longer commitment work, I asked my Family, specifically my daughter and Mom, if they would do the Detox with me. They reluctantly agreed and we started by going through the Manual that is included with the 28-day Detox. I also signed up for the Private Facebook group created for the Detox program. This was an area for everyone who’s participating in the detox to gather together , share there wins and challenges and also uplifted each other. Dr Price also held several Live events where he answered a variety of questions ranging from what to expect, realistic outcomes and how to stay with the detox. He also shared with us, the Dos and Don’ts of the Detox as well as his own personal story for why he created this program and the many products he offers.

My Bathroom stool for better elimination

As the program started for me, I was motivated to follow to practices from the manual to ensure success for me and my family. The daily routine included drinking the Teas that I made the night before as early as I started my day. Then follow through with the meal options allowed. I created many of the recipes included in the manual for my family and I to eat. But I soon realized that the Detox limited me to certain food options, many of which are not available in my local area. I just improvised and used what was available and included for the protocol so that this would not defeat our progress. So many days we had the same meals with the same ingredients and made it work.

This salad was a recurring

meal throughout the detox

Half way through the 28-day Detox, I had already lost 10 pounds and felt so much better internally. I was less anxious, more energized and my inflammation was drastically reduced. I realized that my body was eliminating waste that was built up in my body. Even though there was time during the Detox where I felt I reached a plateau, I continued with the process. My Mom and Daughter did there best to follow through but I wasn’t too hard on them because they are new the detox life, although I’ve been sharing it with them for years.

One of the recipes from the Manual-Stuffed peppers with mushrooms and wild rice

Just by making the changes recommended throughout the program, I was able to practice more mindful eating, less emotional eating. My skin also improved. I also reduced my cravings for sugary foods. The Detox increases the body’s elimination so I found myself going to the bathroom frequently after starting the Teas early in the morning. This was a great feeling because it wouldn’t interrupt my daily life. I was able to increase my physical activity during the detox by extending by daily walk by a few miles and in total have completed just under 90 miles for the month of January. My sleep pattern improved and I have more clarity and focus. My mood is also more accepting. This Detox has supported my lifestyle and the path of wellness that I strive to maintain for myself and family. When I am well, they are well.

My Daily Detox Tea routine

I lost 11 pounds. My mom lost 6 pounds, my daughter lost 16 pounds and my youngest son, who didn’t participate in the detox, lost 13 pounds just from the meals that he ate with us. I recommend this Detox to anyone and everyone looking to Transformation not just on the physical level. It’s also mindset and a lifestyle detox as well. Going through the process, I learned that, everything I eat has a positive or negative effect on me, emotionally, mentally and physically. I learned to incorporate many of the practices that I have already been following within this detox process such as self care, plant based eating and meal and menu planning. One of the challenges that I faced throughout the Detox was making the teas the night before. But asking my family to help was a Blessing. The only other thing I would change is having the tea come in individual tea bags. This would be easier to make sure, for me, that I was taking the correct amount daily. Click the image below to learn more about Holistic Re-engineering and Dr Bobby Price, you won’t regret it.

Holistic Re-engineering at drbobbyprice.com

Click the links below to learn more about Dr Price’s products that I have and currently use:

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28-Day Detox

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Do you want to start your own detox journey, but aren’t ready for a full fledged 14 or 28 days? Then try my Tonic Blend. It’s a gentle start to the detox process.

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