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One good thing that I’m taking from 2020 is writing. I wrote more than I have done in years last year. Through my daily Meditation and Manifestation practice, I am able to remind myself of three things:

1. Thoughts can become things with the right motivation and encouragement. 2. I am a powerful co-creator of the life I am living. 3. I am filled with infinite possibilities. The more that I remind myself of these 3 things, the more fluid I become in my life experiences. I created my Meditation/Manifestation Journal not just for myself but for others looking to cultivate and create there own Meditation/ Manifestation practice.

The timeless practice of meditation is not a new science to explore but a modality of wellness often overlooked in various cultures worldwide. Whether that is due to limiting beliefs or religious doctrine, many are still unaware as to the true power meditation can have on ones life experience. When combined with Manifestation techniques, the possibilities are endless. The goal of this Journal is to light the flame of your curiosity to explore the benefits of meditation for your life today. It is a PDF, editable document that can be printed out or used digitally.

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