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As a mom of three I can honestly say that my children are my greatest creation. They embody so much of the goodness I have wanted to bring into the world. The process of bringing them into being through my body is still held deeply in my thoughts for a variety of reasons. With both my pregnancies, I had several memorable moments. My first pregnancy was romanticized by my intentional knowing that it was my first and I wanted to bring my child in with Love and Harmony. I was in a space to cultivate that environment, mentally, physically and spiritually. All that changed with my second pregnancy. It caught me by surprise and that laid the foundation for trauma to intervene. My healing is still a work in progress with my birthing experiences. But the bigger transformation continues with learning what and how to restore balance to my womb, my creative center. What I call my seat of power. I wasn’t one to leave the care of my body to Doctors. Although I have valued their insights. I always felt it was up to me to get to the root of my health challenges and do what was in my scope of knowledge and experience to fix what was broken. That was very challenging following my last pregnancy and birthing experience. My body was never the same. I really couldn’t explain what was going on to my primary care physician. and unfortunately. she was not supportive in offering options that could pinpoint my suffering. By the time my children were toddlers, I was in the full swing on working, mothering and trying to navigate life. i really didn’t focus on my health as i should have. But life always has a way of redirecting your attention to where it is needed. By the end of 2014, I had had enough and wanted solutions. I had already transitioned to healthy eating, practicing more nurturing habits to support my well being put my womb and pelvic area was left unattended. I still was unaware that I needed to give more time and attention to the work of restoring my womb. Before the pandemic hit, I was consulting with a new Primary care doctor who again left me disappointed with the level of care or concern about my womb issues. I had gone to several other specialist that focused on certain reproductive remedies, but they became just temporary fixes again. I relocated to a new area and I set the intention that my healthcare team would only be those that support the work and practices that I am doing for myself and can integrate their modalities in that routine.

I met with Victoria Mallow of Restor Pelvic Health and Rehab, after finding her business info on the next door app. I reached out to her and scheduled a free consultation to learn more about her practice and if the services would be a fit for my health and lifestyle. I was as in depth as i could be because I didn’t want to waste any time with someone that was not aware that this was a concern that won’t go away without the support of a specialist who focuses on my area of concern.

Victoria put my mind at ease. She let me know what Pelvic Health and wellness is and what it is not. She also encouraged me sharing with my Primary care doctor that I am receiving treatment with a specialist specific to my womb and pelvis challenges. Although her services remain beneficial to me in more ways that one, I am having to aggressively push my Primary care doctor to acknowledge this as part of my care plan.  I expressed to Victoria that as a Black Woman, a woman of color, I am often invisible to practitioners in the medical field who limit themselves to what they feel i need and that is all. She agreed to sit down with me to support me in advocating for Pelvic Health and Wellness for Women of Color and All women. If we don’t have a conversation to break the ice on this taboo topic, then more women will remain in the dark about with going on with their womb, not just mothers but women facing a variety of pelvic issues and they are uncertain about who to talk to and what to say. Click the image below to Check out the video to learn more about Pelvic Health and Wellness, the various signs and symptoms of a pelvis disorders and options that you can pursue. Share your thoughts with me, if you or a loved one has faced similar challenges. How are you dealing, coping and healing through this challenge? Healing will always be an inside job. But having the right support in the process can make all the difference in the world on your Health and Wellness journey. Stay well, Health and in Harmony during this time.




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