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Food safety and security has been greatly  affected by the global pandemic that we are all experiencing now. Finding useful and practical solutions are now in demand as many are restricted due to social distancing. We are restricted to purchasing the minimum in terms of food consumption. So like you,I’m finding solutions to support my current meal and menu habits.  eatCleaner is a forward thinking Brand that saw a problem and created a solution for our food safety and security. They offer the only natural patented produce wash in the marketplace. 

They offer a variety of food solutions to ensure food safety and shelf life extension for consumers and food industry professionals as well. I recently connected with there founder and CEO, Mareya Ibrahim. She shared with me how she is navigating eatCleaner through this now normal, while maintaining and exceeding her own expectations of what Balance is for her. Watch the video below to check it out. To learn more about why eatCleaner products are necessary, Check out there FAQ Page.


Get your own eatCleaner products here: http://bit.ly/mealprepwitheatcleaner

Check out her Eat Like You Give a Fork Book: http://bit.ly/eatlygaforkbook

Also check out their Seafood and Poultry Wash: http://bit.ly/eatCleanerseafoodpoultrywash

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