November 2020 Affirmations Challenge

Hey It’s My Birthday, Woot Woot! Well almost. I will be celebrating another Beautiful beginning this month. I am truly grateful to be experiencing it. I am sharing one of the tools that has seen me through, For real. With each and everyday, as Life experiences came I used these affirmations to remind myself daily and the presence I hold in this world. Not for anything that is outside of me, but all that is flowing within me. The power remains in the word to transform any condition you choose to acknowledge and release in your life. Here’s to affirming the best for yourself in all things for the new month ahead. Affirm one each day this month. Or you can read them all daily. That’s what I do. They have truly guided my thoughts in a brighter path, beyond the new normal this pandemic has tried to permeate. Click the image below for download.





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