Beta Testers Needed

It’s the start of a new month. Although the year is coming to a close, I’m in a season of new beginnings. To Celebrate my Birthday(solar return) this month, I am sharing a mini-course to a program that I have been developing. This Beta program for Lifestyle and Weight Management will be offered complimentary (free of charge) to 3 women that submit the included questionnaire and are chosen by the end of signup period stated. Lifestyle and Weight Management can affect many areas of our lives. They work hand in hand to see us through the course of our daily lives and experiences. Sometimes, if we are unclear as to how to gain control in these areas, we get stuck in old patterns and habits that can be detrimental to our health and well-being. I am offering this for 3 reasons. 1. To learn what the most pressing challenges (specific to Lifestyle and weight Management) are for the women my services are geared towards 2. To offer results that are attainable based on their willingness to see the process through. 3. This is a fact finding mission, based on organic data that I will use to see  if the results that I have gained in my own experiences and those of the women I have supported in the past can be replicated on a broader scale.

Let me Clarify that my my services for this program are for women only at this time. Sorry guys. Don’t fret I’m working on something for you too soon. But speaking specifically to women in healthcare . Those who are moms, and caregivers. I will offer support to them to bring the personal, business and client centered dynamics of their lives back in their control.

Through this program, they will:

  • Learn and get clear on what there strengths and challenges are directly relating to their Lifestyle and Weight Management.
  • Grow in the confidence to be in charge of their life and the path they are on to achieving their Lifestyle and Weight Management goals.
  • Transform the plan they will create into tangible results in their daily lifestyle choices and habits and long-term goals for weight management success.

This will be done without much sacrifice. When I say sacrifice, without having to worry about what will be lost if you decide to go on this journey. There are some concerns that may come up. Primarily, Money. In this case, money is not the obstacle you will face. That will be making the commitment to yourself. Deciding to change what is no longer working in your habits and patterns that have kept you stuck so far. Time is another factor that may cause some hesitation. This mini course will be offered for 6 weeks and two days offering the following:


  • Mini course offered Free of charge ($1167  savings)
  • Live group Zoom coaching calls, where Beta group members listen, learn and share (an essential part of this process!) every 2 weeks. (A total of 4 calls for the length of the course)
  • Weekly email Newsletter specific to each Beta members concerns/goals. Also with latest progress and tips
  • 14 Day Detox program ($55.oo value-Free of charge)
  • 5 week meal planning ($150.00 value-Free of charge)
  • Free Access to my private Membership Site (Free of charge)( details will be emailed after acceptance)
  • 1-  one on one call weekly Brainstorming session with me.(a $50 value Free of charge) ( 5 total calls for the length of the course)
  • Offer Valid until 11/17/2020.
  • Start date 11/18/20 to 1/1/2021.


I must also state that this program will not appeal to everyone. Primarily:

  •  If you are not clear on making a decision to change, this course is not for you.
  • If you cannot support yourself by setting time aside to connect, share and grow, the course is not for you.
  • If you can identify all the reasons why this course isn’t for you, then you maybe right.

If you are clear on the decisive action and are ready to commit the time you need to immerse in your own growth and development beyond your fears or doubts, Click the link below to learn more. I can’t wait to see who I will connect and grow with through this course. See you on the other side!






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