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When we feel we are at our best, can really be our worst. That’s if we are not being our best for ourselves. Acceptance is the defined as the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered. But how are we offering that acceptance to ourselves instead of waiting to receive it? I accept that I can navigate an unknown situation and know that it is not meant for me. I accept that this newness of living in Semi Isolation as a human being may still bring out the best in me as well as others. In this video, I speak on accepting the hard decision to move away from the path of perceived normalcy. The illusory nature of the word continues to be dismantled with each new day. Normal is defined as conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. Within Acceptance and normalcy are threads of similarity (consent/conform) that just irritate me to some degree. There are many things that I can consent to without my acceptance. Just as with normalcy. I can conform to something that is not perceived as normal. So, to offer the most imperfect perfection of myself to the world and the work that has been mandated for me to do. To support the continuing growth, healing, expansion and transformation of women and some men that are receptive to my energy, I speak my truth, Authentically accepting the imperfect normalcy of my life journey. What are you accepting or not in your own experience. How is normalcy being redefined in your day to day. Let me know your thoughts.




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