Tasty Tuesday-Plant Based Recipes I Love: Sweet Potato and Green Banana Soup

My Favorite Plant Based Recipes for 2020: Sweet Potato and Green Banana Soup

Cooking remains a Kind of therapy for me it helps me to get out of my head and put my energy to something useful to not only benefit myself but others since transitioning to a cruelty free way of eating my creativity continues to thrive in the ideas and recipes I can create. This Recipe is an easy go to, low cost option for my family. All the ingredients were gathered from my local market and grocery stores that aren’t too far from me. So All in All this meal is satisfying to prepare and share. Have you used any of these ingredients in dishes you’ve created? What were the results? have you found others ways that they can be used to make dishes that are both savory and delicious? Let me know. How does cooking spark your creative vision?

Sweet Potato and Green Banana Soup






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