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There is a heaviness that weighs on us all at this time. We feel it in our homes, even as we venture out. for those in areas of economy and commerce that are strataled in there place in the wheel, it is pushing the tide of change we have long called for. As we all send out our energies to the world, it returns to us. We are each responsible for cleansing ourselves, our lives our thinking to remove the blockages that have prevented us all from transforming the landscape of oppression and injustice ingrained in all cultures worldwide. I am choosing to shed my habits , patterns and mental enslavement that has limited me from growing within myself in this unpredictable time.

A Beautiful view at Lake Okeechobee

I am cleansing through water that is nourishing in many ways. Water is life I say to someone I care for. Water embodies and removes respectively all it comes in connection with. Although many water sources are compromised globally, I am convinced that our intentions on how we use it hold much power in how it changes us and makes us better than we were. Historically water has been impactful in reshaping the landscape of humanity. And we are reminded through certain seasons of how it’s still is attempting to complete what it started so long ago. The simplest ways water impacts my life are through drinking it frequently throughout my days. Washing my hands frequently. And this can takes on excess with this pandemic energy. I also set the intention to submerge my physical body not only in daily showers but in a spiritual cleansing bath weekly. This is where I feel a connection, with myself, with spirit and all things. I allow the water to wash over me. I allow it to wash away all that I am holding onto that weighs heavy on my heart. I allow its fluidity to set me free from my own oppression of my self and identity. I allow it to empower me to stay full from what renews and encourages me. With some additional elements, like my botanical Bath soak, accompanied by Sweet orange and Lavender Esential oil, I am transported to peacefulness and serenity. All in the midst of what weighs heavy around me. Click the links below to purchase the items I mentioned here. I would also be honored to create custom bath soaks to meet a specific need for any of you. How has your relationship with water moved from a place of To necessity? Have you added any cleansing rituals to your lifestyle that support you in growing and living beyond surviving? Let me know. In the meantime, continue to be like water and Flow. Keep Growing, Keep Flowing. We can and will overcome our challenges. Keep moving through the heaviness, flowing with fluidity. Nuff Love to you all

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