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I’m not going to pretend that this new way or challenge in living has not been difficult. But all that means is I have to be more purposeful in creating the life I have always wanted to live. It can’t only be determined on how much money I have, where I live, The car I drive. It has to be about being in and on the path that has been dedicated to me even when I wasn’t dedicated to myself. I remain in a space of creativity. Granted, it goes with the ebb and flow of emotions I consume or allow in as I move about my days, do the work of caring for others and just take care of my family. It’s been rough. It’s been unpredictable. It’s been confusing. A lot of this I’ve seen before.

So now, I am staying grounded in what is comforting and supportive of my current growth and expansion, In spite of…. So these new products that came through this shift of living, of being, support myself, my children and some family members that are open to receiving the gifts that come through me . I am choosing to share them with you all as well. Just maybe you’ve been dealing with changes that show up in the physical part of your life that you rely on the most, your body. Allow me to share with you, the Healing essence of Nature. I am Thankful and Grateful that she remains consistent in spite of our human frailty. Below you will find: Tonic Blend; Detox Blend; Immunity Boost Blend; Senna Leaves; Wormwood; Mullein Leaf; Lemon Balm powder, Lemongrass Powder. They are all available for purchase here. Feel free to share with others. What have you been cultivating during this season, to carry you through your next season, let me know. Continue to grow, continue to lean into what is nurturing to the best parts of yourself and share it with others. Remember to hold space for yourself as well. Sending Nuff love your way!

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