The Goddess on the Go-Weekend Flow- Healing in the body of my creation

COVID-19 is teaching a lot of us transparency,transparency transparency and humility and hope and purpose and power I’m learning those things today. I took a leap of faith, personal faith and I am Thankful that I didn’t hold back and sharing this experience of transformation thanks we’re not always this easy to understand easy to bear easy to really know and say OK I made some poor choices in life I made some bad decisions because I have verbalize them always to myself but now I see the world is on a whole new scope of healing and transformation individually and I want to add my energy to bed so that others can know that they’re healing adds to the collective healing their transformation as to the collective transformation they’re small change the big changes it adds to that vibration that we all need to keep growing on this journey and take a listen to this Audio to hear what I have to share about the experience of healing today and this time for my experience how are you doing. how is your transformation affecting you and your family ,your friends ,your love ones those that matter to your life those that maybe you have faced adversity with in the past how are you releasing that built up blocked energy those ideals to Create a life that you are worthy of that is worthy of you that will show you who you really are when you know when it comes when it matters so take a listen and let me know what you think please share those independent individual experiences that you’re having I’d love to hear them and I’ll also post anUpdate to this when I’m not traveling with some of the tools that I am using to continue to heal my body traditionally holistically mentally emotionally spiritually Ideally.peace and love to all. Excuse my my lack of punctuation or my missed placed punctuation I’m traveling but I was led to share this message and I wanted to be obedient to that so that others can use it on their journeys as well.


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