Episode 14- 4/13/20 Healing the Feminine part of me

In this weeks podcast episode I share what I am currently healing in my life journey. As the world pushes me to take ownership of my place in it, I am doing my best to honor this current shift. It is not always easy to look at ourself in life and say that we are happy or satisfied with the space that we hold. I am learning each and everyday what being a women means in my life and in the life of others. Some areas that create the inner dialogue of my transformation are:

*Healing my Relationship with the Feminine part of myself through the relationships I have with other women, familial or otherwise

*See beyond the oppression of women

*Live beyond the strength in adversity

*Accept the softer side of my femininity

*Bringing balance to my feminine and masculine personality

*Showing the youth the power in living beyond classifying identities How are you healing the feminine part of yourself? This is of course a non gender specific question.
The Goddess on the Go weekly podcast is hosted by Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre. Through her professional and personal experience as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and Holistic Life Coach, she shares her Journey. From Overcoming Postpartum Depression to Mindfully Living her Best life in the depths of Motherhood. Through her Creative works as the Goddess on the Go, she is manifesting her Purpose and passion for living life to its fullest in all ways and bringing tools that are useful to you.

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