Episode 13: 2/17/20 My Families journey to the Outward Bounds with North Carolina Outward Bound FINS

In this weeks podcast episode I share with you how I am creating the changes my Family and I need to heal our individual and collective relationships. One resource that has supported us in the past and continues to offer useful solutions in our connections is
North Carolina Outward Bound FINS- (which Stands for Families in need of Services)
This is our Journey to the Outward Bounds

How I Found Ncob fins:
Who would of thought that a wilderness intensive would be the path to connecting with my Kids? It came to me one day in 2017. I had just experienced my 1st encounter of rebellion with my oldest and teenage Son. We’d been having conflict in communicating, connecting and just getting along.

What the programs are about? they offer different timeframes for participants from 5 to 7 days as well as the 20 days I mention.
The program dynamics are for Supporting young people in gaining clarity, finding their way beyond their current challenges.

Who are there programs for?
young people ages 12 to17 years old that are having behavior issues at home. It’s 100% Free and they offer courses for boys and girls separately. The one drawback that I see is that it isn’t currently available to children within the foster care system.

Reality vs Expectations:
I’ve had 3 children participate in courses in total, 60 days of wilderness intensive time. What I gained from that time away from my children is different from their experience entirely. Perspective, patience and persistence. Each of my children have shared their reflections on their Ncob fins courses. My youngest sun says it taught him to be more positive and he made new friends. As a young adult homeschooler that’s important to him. He can take ownership for things in his life now that he has outside feedback about his behavior. My oldest Sun sturgeon are killers lol. He gained self confidence to speak his truth unconditionally. He gained a dose of reality while not breaking his spirit. It taught him about building long time friendships with people you don’t see daily. My Daughter is probably the most introspective about her outward bound journey. She went in with a few preconceived notions that were demolished a few days into the course. She learned about life perspective of other young girls, better communication, how to canoe and build a fire and found some new friends.

Connect with NCOB FINS:
Their website:
Email them @: FIN@ncobs.org
Phone number: 800.673.3096

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