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We live in a world where Beauty matters. Whether it is how you feel or see yourself, you have identified with what is means to you. With so many trends available, there is a routine and regimen for everyone. As a Busy mom on the go, I had internalized my struggle with what beauty means to me. But in sharing the many positives that support creating a routine that can work for many others, I take an impartial stance, that Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder.

Several factors continue to influence the purchasing habits of Women, mothers worldwide. I have listed just a few below.

Accessibility to Beauty products is strongly influenced by geographic location and lifestyle choices.

Accountability to ones own standards of beauty is highly encouraged by ancestral legacy. Meaning what standards of beauty have been practiced or maintained by those who had a strong influence on your daily upbringing.

Affordability is directly affected by economic status and access to substantial consistent income.

Authenticity of Beauty habits is influenced unfortunately nowadays by trends in society and subcultures in social platforms. But it does not overshadow the desire of those who strive to keep there Beauty routines, chemical and toxin free.

Several brands that I have partnered with do their best to offer options that support living a balanced lifestyle inside and out. They provide cruelty free ingredients for various skin types, conditions and ethnicity, check them out.

The Detox Market

The Detox Market is a platform for passionate and ethical green beauty makers. Since 2010, they have been purposeful in partnering with Brands that offer more than just a quick fix in the Skin and Beauty Industry. Check out there offerings at the image above. Also check out their FAQ page.


COCOTIQUE is a deluxe beauty and lifestyle subscription box service for women of color. They have simplified the process of searching and discovering products specific to the needs of women of color for there hair, skin and beauty care needs. There showcase of products includes well established and new brands to the marketplace.They continue to expand there product inventory so check them out to see if there’s something for you. They offer $5 off just for signing up to their mailing list. And there’s free shipping on all boxes of $25. Check out there FAQ page here.

Desert Essence

Since 1978 , Desert Essence has been a leader in Natural products before recent trends. They are well known for their Tea Tree Oil, but have grown to include skincare and aromatherapy, Bath & Body organic Gluten free product offerings.. They also offer a fragrance free line of products. Currently there entire site has 30% off all items. Enter in Promo code: JOJOJO. Also visit there FAQ page.

Beauty Wrap Mineral Body Wraps

Beauty Wrap Mineral Body Wraps are a Alkaline Mineral Body wrap that supposrts full body detoxification with sfficacy nad proven results. This mineral wrap is a great addition to a total body transformation regimen. It is not an alternative to good eating and exercise but in combination it can help get rid of excess density. There mineral based powder and msm additive includes non irritant ingredients so it is good for most if not all skin types.

These are all handcrafted, non toxic products that support the renewal, maintenance and healing of most skin types. I created them after finding only frustration with expensive mainstream Brands that only encouraged the deterioration of my skin even further. As a Licensed Skin care Professional , I chose to stay close to what Nature has provided for my product blends. All of our products are All-Natural, Non Toxic as well as Chemical Free. To purchase your own Qua Essentials click here.

While these companies offer something for everyone, know that you have more power to choose Beauty products that allow your inner as well as outer beauty to shine. We are certainly more than the things we consume. And consuming what we choose to is always within our control regardless of how or where we currently live. What Beauty products do you hold to be true for you? do you make some of your own like I do? Do you combine the best brands with diy products like I do? Let me know.

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