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Papaya remains a true powerhouse for of plant based fuel and deliciousness. I can remember as a child, I would enjoy it as a sweet treat, with sweet milk. It was a part of my culture. The health and wellness benefits were revealed to me later on in my journey. And even as I continue to grow in my relationship with food, I can’t leave certain foods behind. Papaya is one of them. Below are just a few of the many ways you can add the benefits of papaya to your wellness meals and routine. Herbal Goodness continues to do their best offering the best of what nature has in store for our convenience.

Dry papaya

Organic Dried Papaya Fruit Spears – 2oz (Pack of 6) from Herbal Papaya

Dried papaya powder

Non-GMO Ripe Papaya Powder from Herbal Papaya

Papaya seeds

Papaya Seed Powder – 100% Organic, 4 oz Bag

Papaya leaf

Papaya Leaf Extract – 16 oz Alcohol free, Preservative & Gluten Free

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