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Top 30 Black Woman Entrepreneur Blogs & Websites in 2020

Black Woman Entrepreneur Blogs list ranked by popularity based on social metrics, google search ranking, quality & consistency of blog posts & Feedspot editorial teams review
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I am thankful and honored to be included in this list. Although my influence is not as impactful as many of the Women on this list I am grateful to share this job of holding space for other Black Women doing the work of powerful manifestation. Check out all the Beautiful contributors.

Tasty Tuesdays-That Protein

The folks over at that protein are chiming in on the topic of Protein and exercise and the balance in between. They also share some options that may be useful to you. Check it out and let me know what you think. https://thatprotein.com/blogs/news

Also check out this video they have for easy vegan protein Brownies!

Episode 7- 1/6/20: Embracing the Spiritual Path in all your Relationships

The Goddess on the Go weekly podcast is hosted by Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre. Through her professional and personal experience as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and Holistic Life Coach, she shares her Journey. From Overcoming Postpartum Depression to Mindfully Living her Best life in the depths of Motherhood. Through her Creative works as the …

Manifest it Mondays-The Goddess on the Go: 2020 Vision for Home Organizing

What do you do when having many things becomes a burden on your emotional and mental well-being? Have you lost control of your home environment and its no longer a comfortable space to dwell in? I recall several times in my life where I was overwhelmed by all the stuff I had. But that was my greatest achievement, right? Coming from a background where my beginnings were built through struggle and not always having but what I needed. Gathering material possessions became a really big deal in my life. Not being able to get what I wanted, made me feel like a failure to myself for not overcoming my humble beginnings. But once I claimed back my own personal power over the things I had, they no longer had power over me. Striving, achieving and accumulating are many words that society has used to determined and show value in how we often see or selves but most importantly how others see us. We can get carried away in the process of getting all that we want and lose control of how we care and maintain these things we feel we so deserve in our lives.


What Black Mothers Should Know About Making Their Homes More Self-Sufficient

What Black Mothers Should Know About Making Their Homes More Self-Sufficient

What Black Mothers Should Know About Making Their Homes More Self-Sufficient

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