Tools you can use-The Goddess on the go: How Love can transform your relationship with Grief

In this Video for Manifest it Mondays-I share some tools for How Love can Transform your a Relationship with Grief

How love can transform your relationship with Grief

Video highlights:

When it hits you: Grief is the unexpectedness that’s life can bring , showing us what we hold dear, what is meaningful to us and what has immeasurable value in our hearts.

We can Do more than cope:It is easy to be sad and view our journey through grief as something that will never change. But Love is always here to help us in our most trying times.

Do all things in Love: for the healing of ourselves and those we love

Remember-the blessings our loved ones added to our life, the world and humanity. Release-cry, scream, get physical. Allow yourself the strength of vulnerability.Renew- the legacy of your loved one remains in how you choose to honor the foundation they established on their journey.

Let your Love light Shine:

Be vulnerable, show the softness of your love in how you choose to honor your loved one.

Tools for Healing through Grief:

Connect with your Community (family/friends- friends that are family),Therapy,Journal. Use Sound healing/music even movies to help you to heal- All in Love.

Learn your Love Language to heal:

How you receive. How you are together with yourself and others. The affirming words you give power in your life. The actions you take in serving others and yourself. The physical connection you have with others through touch.

The Love languages of grief:


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