Weekend Flow-The Goddess on the Go: Self Care Sundays

A Glimpse of what self care while healing looks like:

Self Care is at the top of many conversations in various circles and environments these days. Many have had the realization that this monetized trend is a deeper cry for taking care of more than the physical body. The inner workings can destabilize our lives if we’re not careful. It is on the doing of this thing that we reclaim our internal power, recharging our greatness! So, I’ll share with you what I choose to do to re-member my many pieces that I give to others each day.

Sundays have become a day of giving, to myself to give to others. Most times, rest is the order of the day. But sometimes, my programming gets in the way. Being on the treadmill of progress is hard to break. So, I’ll rise early on this day, have my morning meditation time before the Sun Shines and return to rest for a few more hours. Once I rise, I let the day greet me, giving thanks for each and every blessing and lesson. That is a theme throughout this day. Reminding myself that regardless of outward experience, the thankfulness of my heart supports me. If I’m allowed to stay in this frame of mind, It’s magical energy that I carry and share with others who cross my path on this day. I always treat my palate to something I’ve missed. I’ll create a meal that is pleasing and encourages me to share some part of it with my family soon. This is my Plant based cheat day, Lol.

Inviting peaceful aromas infused with incense is a blessing to my space. Clearing away any odors that would change my energy for the day. And if I have to be on the road, I’ll bring an incense in my vehicle. Sometimes people look at me like I’m cuckoo. That still is none of my business, lol.

Meditate on you

Focus on you:

Holding space for myself on my journey can be challenged by the habits and patterns that my family have accepted from the past that I no longer honor. I establish my boundaries with them in spite of the discomfort they might face and keep it moving. This includes, adhering to not speaking, listening to music that motivates my feminine energy and my favorite, holding a spiritual bath experience to heal and treat my physical body. If I’m not able to have a bath experience, then off to the beach it is. I could stay there for hours. Letting the Sun purify my Soul. The heat is so replenishing to body, I always feel recharged after a few hours strolling on the sand.

The waters of nature replenish me

The importance of fitting in self care in your life to benefit others in your life:

We as women, have given and taken the greatest responsibility for meeting the needs of others above our own and practicing some selfishness can bring on feelings of guilt shame and even anxiety. Long gone are the mantras of working our fingers to the bone to please everyone. That way of being breeds inner resentment and insecurity when others don’t validate our efforts. Take time to remember who you are. Not the wife or partner you are. Not the mother you are, or even the boss moves you’re making. Who are you without those titles? Have you seen her recently? Hold space to see the beauty that you are so when you give of yourself to others, you remember why you do all that you do. How are you spending you Self-care days? What’s an important part of your self care practice you can’t do without? Has it been easy to advocate for yourself, when you’ve given so much to others? Keep growing, keep glowing and remember self care in manifesting your 2020 vision.

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