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We all have ways, habits and tools that we use to support our efforts for making changes in our lives. Many of those can keep us stuck in patterns that don’t really allow us to transform how we want to. That’s when it’s time to take a look at what is and isn’t working. When you have a clear outlook on everything that is available to you in growing beyond a particular habit or way of being, everything can change. Why create a toolbox for wellness? Creating your own success tools can only encourage and support the long term goals and changes that you really want and need to make for yourself. In this post I’ll share with you, the best resources and tools that have served me best in growing on my Health and Wellness journey.

Live and Direct Fruits and Veggies:

I currently live in a food desert. What that means is, I don’t have access to always fresh, healthy foods and vegetables to meet the nutritional needs of myself and family. I also do not wish to consume genetically modified foods and that’s a lot of what is available. I am not ashamed to say that There have been times when I relied on Government assistance to feed my family. So I was able to get the more costly items that normally I couldn’t afford. We are in a space where that is no longer an option. The alternatives unfortunately do not provide, nutritious offerings for how I choose to nourish my family. I purchase many frozen fruits that are in season. I also rely on supplemtation with products such as Juice Plus. It bridges all the gaps that I am unable to fill through our current eating habits. It’s been 7 plus years since my initial connection with Juice Plus and I know it has made a difference, more than physically for myself and my children.

Green Supplemental products

Green Goodness:

Another disadvantage of living in a food desert is the lack of green nutrient dense foods that support maintaining a good internal ecosystem. Consuming green foods supports the body having a good inflammation response, good digestion and elimination as well as increasing the amount of oxygen your organs receive. I rely on my local health food store for Supplemental greens that are not grown and readily available in my local area. These include: chlorophyll, moringa, Aloe Vera and Spirulina just to name a few. I always get the ones that have been consistent and the brands that aren’t damaging the environment through their processes. Garden of Life has been good so far. When I do purchase my greens, I prefer kale, spinach, arugula and a few others. I buy The frozen ones,because I can keep them longer and fresher in a sense. I use them for my soups, stews and smoothies mostly.

Skin wellness must haves:

My skin has been on a roller coaster of its own since before beginning my wellness journey. That prompted me early on to start reading the labels of the products I relied on to support my skin health. As that became more challenging, I decided to create my own line of products called Qua Skin Essentials. It has been over 7 years since I created my first products and I still use most of them to this day. The most consistent and effective products have been my face refresher mist, Golden body elixir, nourishing skin mask, skin wellness tea, botanical bath soak and skin mask. They support me through the seasonal weather changes. I still use some brands that I learned about before natural skincare became a trend such as desert essence.

Pure and safe Tap water is essential

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink:

Water is an essential element of my daily wellness and hydration. I know when I’m not getting enough. And I can even tell when the water really isn’t good. I’ve invested in alkaline, distilled and spring water over the years. I continue to rely on these types of water, depending on the circumstances around consuming them. Ensuring that your body is getting the water it needs will support better digestion, elimination and overall good mood.

Sea Moss, Bladderwrack and Seaweed Sea vegetables

Sea vegetables:

The popularity of most Sea vegetables has grown through the infusion of most Asian inspired dishes in western culture. Many have been included in many offerings at Asian restaurants. Sea-moss is a nutrient rich sea vegetable that bridges the gap of deficiency in many foods. It is great for balancing hormonal challenges, supporting a healthy libido as well as supporting healthy weight gain and loss. I add it to most of my meals, hot or cold. A good brand to check out is Karribean Flavours Dried Sea-moss. There Sea Moss is found mostly in the Caribbean. Visit there Product page to learn more about it. You may have to source your local Island Grocery to find it as they don’t offer online purchasing at the moment. Once you get used to it, It’s not hard to prepare and add to your healthy eating options. It’s also a great thickener for soups stews and homemade baked goods. Even home-made ice cream. Bladderwrack is also a sea vegetable not as widely known as Sea Moss, but just as powerful. It is known for its revitalizing effects on the female reproductive system. Speaking from first hand experience, it helps me through my monthly cycle. Check out Florida Herb House here to get your own. Nori Seaweed is more well known out of these three. It’s used my many fitness, health and wellness professionals as well as folks like you and me in their vegetable plant based (or not) wraps. It is usually packaged dry in stores and needs rehydration prior to use. I also add it to my soups, stews and salads for added flavor. Check out this brand that I’ve used here. All of these sea vegetables are full of nutrients such as Iodine, magnesium and Bromide which the body’s internal systems need to function effectively. So consider adding them wherever locally accessible to you.

Kitchen wellness herbs

Healing herbs you can eat:

All of the herbs mentioned in this post support the body in combatting inflammation. They also can balance mood and well-being. They can be used in combination or individually. They also can be used dry or fresh. Most if not all are packed full of nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. I love to try new ways to include them in my menus and meals. Ginger, Sage, Basil, Thyme, Garlic, Onion, Parsley, Cilantro, Bay Leaf and Rosemary are my staple kitchen herbs that my family consumes daily for our overall well-being. Read my latest blog post here to learn more about the benefits they provide.

My Essential Essential oils:

Essential oils have become more popular in recent years. Traditionally, they have supported to well-being of many cultures worldwide. In my daily life, they support my physical and environmental detox. Although there is a wide range available, I stick with what has worked for my family. Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lemon,Lavender, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary have a variety of uses. Click here to read my blog post on how I use them in my Wellness routine.

My Yoga Practice

Yoga is essential for my well-being. It has reconnected me to a part of myself I didn’t acknowledge for many years had been missing. Yoga has been identified as an eastern practice of reconnecting your physical body to its spiritual origin. Beyond the many poses, postures and lifestyle transformation, it grounds me in just being content with my life as it is. It supports my healthy response to stress. And also keeps me physically flexible and fit. To learn more about the Yoga practice I teach and how it can support your wellness goals, Click here.

Books are effective tools you can use

Books as resources:

Books remain a go to of keeping my mind engaged as well obtaining knowledge and insight for myself and to support others on their journeys. Over the past 20 years, I’ve accessed written works that have served me well. Many are still available in print and digital options. Here are just a few that are full of information and tools you can use. Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss, Your Body’s Many Cries for water by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, Juicing for Life by Cherie Calbom, 7 Steps to Healing & Wellness by Dr. Nalani Valentine and Heal Thyself by Queen Afua .These are just a few of my resources. There are too many to list here though. They gave me a great perspective to make the changes I am maintaining in my life today.

My Support system:

Establishing a Health and Wellness toolbox is not limited to just foods, books and other resources. Including people in this process will support your success. For me those people are My Therapist, My Family and those who I consider friends. They each give me additional encouragement to meet my goals. They also challenge me to stay committed to the path that I am on. If I have a setback, they are there of reminders that I am surrounded by those who hold space for me during my healing and transformation.

These tools are available to everyone. It did take some time and effort to gather what has worked for me. It is by growing in this experience that I am able to guide and support others in making lifestyle choices that meet there most important needs and goals. If you’d like to create your own wellness toolkit, connect with me today. Is there something that continues to support your wellness lifestyle that you’d love to share with others? I’d love to hear it, so let me know in the comments below.

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