Episode 9- 1/20/20, My Journey through Depression and how you can grow through it in 2020 and beyond

The Goddess on the Go weekly podcast is hosted by Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre. Through her professional and personal experience as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist and Holistic Life Coach, she shares her Journey. From Overcoming Postpartum Depression to Mindfully Living her Best life in the depths of Motherhood. Through her Creative works as the Goddess on the Go, she is manifesting her Purpose and passion for living life to its fullest in all ways and bringing tools that are useful to you.

In this weeks podcast episode: I share with you my journey through depression and how you can grow through depression in 2020.

What is depression
The clinical definition of depression is: A mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. The Possible causes include a combination of biological, psychological, and social sources of distress.

What depression looks like for many people is an overall feeling of sadness and being unmotivated in life

What is functioning depression?
Maintaining an outward appearance of having it all together

How to make the most of Depression. Allow the peaks and valleys to come without causing yourself overwhelm.

Tools that have worked : journaling, therapy, physical activity, expressing my emotions in a healthy way. Detaching from people places and things that encourage depression, meditation, breathing exercises, nature walks.a good eating regimen

Tools that have not worked : medications, sleeping in excess: staying indoors for long periods of time/ isolation

My support system through depression: My Therapist,my children, myself, books that encourage my self worth and importance in my own life.

My responsibility to myself through Depression :
To be present in fixing things in my life. To honor myself with self respecting habits and behaviors
And attitudes and not take things so seriously.

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