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Manifest it Mondays- The Goddess on the Go: 2020 Vision for Teens and Young People

In the swing of the New Year, many children and young people have set there own intentions for the things they want to achieve in 2020. As parents, guides and caregivers, it’s more of a responsibility to support them in creating plans of action that fit who they are and how they flow and not so much how we want them to do things. The old way of getting children to reach their own goals and achievements wont work in the decade we are now in. Independent thinking, fearless and intense, subdued energies sumup the vibration for many of the young people I am surrounded by.

There future is bright

The Personal goals they can set include communicating there needs and wants to those they matter most to. Asserting there perspective in living and becoming. Being present in the lives of the people they love and who they know love them is also a tone echoed from many young ones today. Life goals can include there outlook for long term growth and success in cultivating there passion and purpose. They may also set goals in this area that will support balance in career and life flow choices. Knowledge based goals can support and encourage them excelling in the things they are passionate about. Studying things that enhance their natural gifts and talents so they can pursue career paths that supports their creative expression

Nurture the best of who they are.

Some of the goals that can appeal to them in 2020 include seeking more social inclusion. For my children, as homeschoolers, having meaningful friendships is a priority in supporting there growth and social development. And for many young ones, building Leadership skills through Volunteering will allow them to give what they are good at to society. Many are creating Online business and blogs to share there talents and passions in creative outlets that fit there personalities and interests.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Now the goals that we as parents can set for them are more focused on the broader scope of seeing them manifest all they want to. Through Discipline in meeting their personal, life and knowledge based goals. Consistency in honoring the commitment they have made to themselves. Persistence in seeing there tasks through to completion, no matter how long it takes or any challenges they may face.

The balance for achieving there greatest potential in collaboration is the dance that many parents entrench themselves in, day to day and with each new year.Working together is a part of societal construct that is also beneficial all living and learning environments. They should feel safe in communicating their challenges in meeting their goals. It is then up to us to assist them in creating realistic solutions that support their efforts. Remembering that there is no one size fits all in parenting, is very important in this parent child partnership. Once the right strategies become clear, Implementing and maintaining their patterns for progress and achievement is a sequence of repetitious actions they now participate in.

We have now set the tone for whatever they want to create in their lives in 2020. And nothing is set in stone. By creating a foundation that goes beyond resolutions and to do lists, our children will be empowered to soar beyond there own expectations and surprise themselves with all the potential they have to do whatever they choose to in this journey of life, with the guidance, tools and support we empower them with.

Have you resolved to supporting your children in 2020 to make powerful goals and achievements apart of their everyday reality? Let me know how your supporting them.

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