Manifest it Mondays-Plan with me for productivity: My 2020 Vision

In my previous post I shared a view that may just be unique to myself. This year has brought many shifts and trans-formative energies in the lives of many people. We are all looking at what has gone to better prepare and plan for the year to come. My 2020 Vision will be anchored in Planning Processing Preparing, Projecting and Perfect my purpose for being.

looking forward to 2020
Mom Essentials- End of Year Reflections/2020 Vision

My Intentions for Manifesting Creative Works with 2020 Vision:

This area continues to show me so much untapped potential in the ability to shift and move through what it means to be an entrepreneur and to become a creative advocate for self manifestation. Use your energy to support your process and vision you will create in your work and creative endeavors. Apply laser focus to the day to day individual tasks and continue to cultivate the diversity of all you have to offer. Trust the process and grow with the flow of your own creative growth.

My Intentions for Manifesting Family Vibes with 2020 Vision:

Togetherness is the key for my children and me. Moment of truth and clarity. I am healing through my own issues of abandonment from childhood experiences. I tread lightly with my own children in this area so they can teach me what our connections are meant to be and not predetermine them from past hurts and pains. It is not easy. But intentionally I give in to the process and allowance for them to guide me. Unity is Strength, Division breed chaos. so choose your battles to harmonize with yourself and family. Our Differences make us more compatible. We were not meant to be the same. maybe through reflections of culture and ideals of ancestry. But we are here to birth our story and grow from within.

My Intentions for Manifesting a Fulfilled Life with 2020 Vision:

Live freely in your day to day. Be open to the newness of uncertainty. Welcoming new beginning for love and spontaneity will allow more love to flow to you. more love for yourself in the process. So Allow more impulsive opportunities to be loved. Be-ing Joy, Happiness and laughter for yourself & then share these energies with others. This is living to love and loving to live this gift of life we are given. Have the thoughts I have shared with you in this post shown you a vision for your 2020 you would like to see, let me know. In the meantime , while we all wrap up 2019, Stay Safe, Bless and focused on what you are meant to see for your life and experience in 2020!

Intentions made manifest for the 2020 vision

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