Manifest it Mondays- Mom Essentials: Work/Family/Life Flow,end of year Reflections

This feeling of growth and transformation is ever present in my daily life. And it is through that spiritual presence that I share the vibrations that got me here. In this post I take a look back at those energies that supported and shaped for forward movement and the ones I am calling into my experience for 2020.

Mom Essentials:End of the Year Reflections

My Takeaways from my Creative Work/Business Flow 2019:

My greatest progress with truly stepping into my purpose and vision for my Business endeavors came through doubt, insecurity and a sense of hopelessness. There is no one size fits all in creating the vision for my creative works. What is meant for me to bring to the world is my purpose to cultivate and no others. When I accepted what my purpose was the path became clear

My Takeaways from my Family Dynamic in 2019:

I am an unmarried mother of three children. Creating a picture perfect ideal for my life was never my plan. I always sought happiness for myself and my children. Throughout the past year that vision was made even clearer the more i had clarity within. I am not the mother my mother meant for me to be. I am a Nurturing light for my family. We don’t give up in this family. Growing and healing through Depression, Anxiety, Displacement and Autism. We are so much more than these labels that deem to devalue who we are as a unit. De-Cluttering;Letting go;Focusing on the vision I want for my family came through releasing material attachments, healing, forgiving and releasing relational attachments to heal the gaps in our own connections and focus more on our unity. Focusing on what I want for us to be individually and together has made us stronger.

My Takeaways of My Life Experience in 2019:

I am But a Radiant Flower, Glowing in the Sun. Shine my light bright; Be Bold Bright and Beautiful; Sun-gazing Sun-daze. Nature is a regenerating force in my Life. Grounding,Grounding,Grounding; Beach Days are the best way; Walking in Sunshine. I am the Creator of the Life I have and chose to live, through this path I will Plan, process,prepare, project and perfect the path before me.

What are your takeaways from 2019. You got this far through many of the things you could not have planned for, good or not so good. How have you used those experiences and events to shape your view to the future, let me know. And tell me what do you see with your 2020 vision?

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