A pause for a greater cause- My 2020 Vision

I have truly been enjoying the peacefulness of this season of togetherness and family. Growing through the principles of Kwanzaa with my family has been installed as a new Tradition we will honor with more consistency. In the spirit of transparency in everything I am pursuing, I almost got caught up again. With setting the intentions for this platform to be a source of encouragement, support and manifesting my financial independence, I felt disappointment in myself for not being able to fulfill my editorial calendar. I do have some automated posts set and ready to go. But I decided to just take a pause, to reflect on where I am in this process and really ground myself in the growth I have received through this year soon coming to a close. I have grown beyond my own expectations. I can own the truth it brought to my sight. I am a shadow of my former self. I am a Teacher for myself first and foremost.

I have been guided through my lessons and blessings to move beyond the mediocrity of my former life. Speak my truth unapologetically but with the sincerity that is my character. I have also seen how the steps that I have taken supported others that I am connected to as well in their growth and expansion. So in some way, My change is the change I want to see in the world. I am thankful for those that choose to walk with me on this journey. I am grateful to those that chose to remove themselves in a peaceful way from my Journey, Thank you for the lessons. I am thankful for the clarity I have gained through fully investing in my passions in this online creative endeavor.

Those 29 years of progressive professional growth have served me well. I can still use my experience of industry on this new holistic path. I have learned so much from those that I connected with here on WordPress and those beyond. I am so motivated and encouraged with the vision I see for the future ahead. I am certain that as I continue to transform and through my transparency, I am holding space for others to be transformed. For the new year, I’ve created several clear topics to better support my growing audience as to the content I provide.

My Weekly Posting Topics/Series include:

Manifest it Mondays– this topic highlights intentions for creating and cultivating change whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. I’ll share my process and progress in birthing my greatest visions on my own life path as well as those of others.

Tasty Tuesdays– This is one of my favorite subject matters. Even though I have evolved to a more mindful eating lifestyle, I’m still passionate about food, plant based food specifically.

Wellness Wednesdays- This is more than just about physical wellness. I’ll share about the other aspects covered in the broad spectrum of living. Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Environmental wellness are areas that I am passionate about.

Transformation Thursdays– I’ll highlight my own transformation as well as those products, brands and services from my favorite affiliates, fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs alike who inspire me and you too, to grow into our truest potential.

Fitness Fridays– I’ll share how I maintain not just my physical body but the emotional, mental and spiritual paths of my life journey.

Growing with the Weekend Flow-is the free flow of my experience as a mom, entrepreneur and being of light. I allow things to be and accept what comes for my inspiration and growth.

Within these topics I’ll still be sharing the content of other transformative brands, products and services, those affiliates that I have partnered with. Please share with me if there is anything you’d like to see me share for your enlightenment. I am growing in this space and I am thankful to be finding the clarity in my voice and content. Moving in the direction of fulfilling my passion of purpose. How have you taken the spirit of the season to slow down, to reflect or even restart the goals and intentions you’ve set for yourself?

Please remember to connect with me on Anchor.fm/Goddessthego for my weekly Podcast episode.

Check out for my YouTube Videos on my channel @ The Goddess on the Go YT. I’m still working out my Posting schedule for YouTube so stay tuned!

I intend on pausing as needed, growing into the new year, to mold the vision I have for my lifestyle Brand. I’ve got knowledge to absorb and update from other sources and from my recent library purchases totaling $1.

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