Tools you can use- Setting yourself up for Success in 2020

In this weeks podcast episode I share with you what tools are working currently for me. I also share several that I will be adding to my work life flow to improve my productivity and success on my own terms. I also share my lifestyle service offerings that are available to you to help support you in manifesting your greatest vision in 2020 and beyond.

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What I’m anchoring myself with into 2020?:

Discipline, Consistency and Persistence.

Discipline is the key for many who strive for creating real change and transformation in their life. In my own experience, Ive shown discipline in working for others but not much was put into my own Life flow. After shifting my intentions to be a Work from Home mom and lifestyle entrepreneur, I am cultivating discipline in the progress I’m making in manifest my dreams for my life purpose now and in 2020.

Consistency is a about increasing frequency of those things you apply discipline to. Building momentum through repetition expands and fries consistency. I learned that being consistent in pursuit of my goals in my own Life experience allows me release instability and imbalance in other areas of my life.

Persistence is building on the momentum of discipline and consistency to follow through on spite of any challenges or setbacks that might occur. When you rearrange or clearly set your intentions for what you want to create in your life, it will not all come together overnight. But persisting through the difficult parts makes the vision more clear and attainable as you move forward.

My Lifestyle Services that will continue to support my expansion and growth in 2020:
Lifestyle & Weight Management
Planning for Productivity
Yoga for Stress Release

Visit my website to learn more: https://www.lisamariejeanpierre.com/shop

The 3 Affiliate partners that I am currently using to prepare myself for success in 2020 in focusing on my Mental Well-being and My nutritive well-being:

The Anxiety Healing Program:


Herbal Goodness Brand of Products:


CV Sciences Plus CBD Oil:


An Affiliate is a way for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who market the company’s products for a commission. I have chosen to establish a partnership with certain affiliates to grow my work from home lifestyle business.

You can see all my Affiliate Partners at: bit.ly/TGOTGAffiliates

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