Manifest it Mondays:Plan with me- How to Plan a successful move as a Minimalist

Prepping my Green Babies for transport

The end of another year is here and I am transitioning to another stage of growth in my own development. I am not ashamed to share that things have been unstable in some areas of my life in the recent past. But as I clear my mind, energy and environment, Things are getting better everyday. I am taking a necessary step backwards to go forward to my fullness. It is still my intention to go mobile with my family. And as we make that adjustment, securing our current possessions is important. I have been transitioning myself and my children to a minimalist lifestyle for several years and this opportunity of change is just the thing needed to show the realization of this manifestation desired.

Our 5×5 storage space for some of our material possessions.

When I told my children that we would be backtracking to make some adjustments to our plan, they were disappointed. Can you blame them? Children in western culture have be accustomed to things in overwhelm. And even though there Mom, is a minimalist, my Children still have attachments to things,etc… But we continue to grow through this. I want to meet there needs in a more whole parenting capacity, nurturing there emotional, mental and physical in the best way. Back to the move. They have reduced and given away a lot of “Stuff” so there was no issue there. The challenge came when I shared that they would be storing most of their possessions and only keeping what was necessary for daily use. It took a few days (my youngest Sun was challenged by this, but we worked through it) but we finally got it all together. I didn’t tell them the size of the storage space to prevent any resistance and just to maintain control of the process, to finish quickly. We arrived at the storage with almost everything( i would transport the remaining items in my personal vehicle later) and I went to the unit, with children following behind. I unlocked the door and they just stared in what seemed like amazement. I could hear, through there expressions, the internal dialogue. “Is this woman crazy”?, “What are we gonna do with this space”?,”My stuff can’t fit in there”. But we made it work! I kept the flow of packing in my hands. We packed away many nonessential items for my Business, Our large collection of books (only keeping a few individually), our Kitchen essentials, Large Blankets/Linens and Suitcases of most of our clothes. We brought what is most important to our new dwelling space , along with my plants, books,etc…

Looking forward to the Mobile Lifestyle in 2020

Once we got everything packed in, we realized that it is just enough space that we need right now. We don’t have to worry about dragging things around while we ground ourselves to the plan ahead. We can access our belongings when we need to and For me, it was not that big an expense to bare during this transition. Change is often times, inevitable, challenging and unpredictable. But it can show you parts of your life that need de-cluttering, down-sizing and transformation. As we embark on this new journey, a new cycle, I know it won’t be long before we’re loading these material possessions into our New” Mobile” Living situation. I’ll keep you posted of course. Have you had challenges in letting go of things in the past or currently? How are you dealing with them? What tools have worked for you? In whatever phase of change that you may be experiencing, as I wish for myself, I wish you a smooth Transition.


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