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Lifestyle & Weight Management

Have you ever had a life altering event that shifted the way you saw life, yourself and even the world? As a young adult, my life had it’s challenges. What seemed to be a carefree and adventurous time for others, was a rollercoaster of emotional eating, high anxiety, stressed fueled relationships anchored in people pleasing and low self esteem intimate connections. This was the late 90s. I was living a double life to fit in, do what was expected, while slowly drowning in my internal ocean of tears, fears and insecurities. During this time, I had the presence of mind, what I now know is spirit, to seek help through what was accessible to me. I started walking as often as I could. I overcame the cultural challenges of eating the way my ancestors did to choose healthier options just to feel good day to day. Once I trusted myself enough to know that I was capable enough to do new things, I became Certified as a Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. This was really a selfish pursuit at the time. I was raised in a family that didn’t depend on others. So me seeking help or an outlet to fix a problem in my life, would have seemed like a form of weakness. But I overcame there criticisms to create a program that has provided me the tools and resources for maintaining Balance in my own lifestyle & weight management.

Although Wellness has been an important aspect of focus for me for over 25 years. I still am giving thanks for the journey of growth that continues for me and all those I am connected to. As a Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach and Holistic Life Coach, I have been one of my best clients over these years.

I have used each offering to ground myself on my own life path. My Skincare services were vital for me with the various hormonal changes I experienced through my pregnancies, overcoming nutritional challenges that affected my skin and also the allergic relations I had for a variety of high Brand products over the years. But my Lifestyle & weight Management Course has offered me the most powerful transformation so far. In the video below I share a bit about my Lifestyle & Weight Management course. The fundamentals of this course continue to have a huge impact in my life. They have supported my past clients over the years to achieve their own success.

I created this program to support women in this space of uncertainty and overwhelm. Who are ready to take the next steps to bring balance to their lives, through lifestyle & weight management. This will be done by overcoming the triggers that set you up for emotional patterns of eating. Creating a plan of action that works for your life. And even simple no fuss exercise and workout techniques to take back control of your physical body, on your own terms.

If you’d like to learn more about this service, Schedule a one on one call with me below to discuss how I may be of service to you. Or Book your Course below today. You truly deserve the very best in life. But life doesn’t owe it to you. You owe it to yourself. Connect with me today. 💕

To see all the services available to you, visit my Shop here. Let me know how you’ve overcome any challenges and victories that you’ve had to deal with in your own lifestyle & weight management journey.

Lifestyle & Weight Management Online Course

This is course is delivered via Teachable on my online platform. Medical science now understands the important role of diet in optimal health and disease prevention. Yet something is missing. Obesity, overeating, pain because of body image, emotional challenges with food, digestive ailments, fatigue and nutrition-linked metabolic disorders are with us more than ever...I can bridge the gap and make a difference.


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