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My Weekly Monday Planning Scenario

It’s the start of a new week. It was just Monday last week. lol. All jokes aside. I am continuing on my Journey on Purposeful living, through Mindfulness in all areas of my life. As I move forward, I am reflecting on the years of stagnation and procrastination that I allowed to hold me captive in my life. Honestly, I was insecure about my abilities. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the knowledge or preparation to complete the things I started. I had just bought into the direct and indirect input that I consumed from the people that surrounded me daily. What do I mean by consume? Well. I was taking in the energies and ideals of other people more so than my own. I valued there processes and ways of living(that I thought were better than mine) above and beyond my own.

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What a challenging lesson. I say challenging because it took me years to hear my own voice above others. I also think that it was easier for me at that time to not be accountable to myself because of all the work I would have to put in to change. But Look at me now. Planning and stuff. Living my life through my processes and ways of living for my path. Inspiration and Encouragement are a beautiful thing. But we must put them into our own perspective of life. Social overwhelm can hinder the progess of a well laid plan. So Plan with me, to encourage yourself through the days and weeks ahead to be inspired by others. Take what works and leave the rest. Even from me. We are all here to serve, ourselves and others in one way or another. I am forever thankful for all those planners and Doers that have encouraged me on my path.

My 2020 Vision Board

If you’d like some support and guidance and Planning for Productivity beyond Procrastination, Connect with me. Here’s to your best Intentions and your own Inspiration, Happy Planning to you..

The Planning tools I use

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