Wellness Wednesday-Yoga can Bring balance for Busy Moms

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It’s seems that minute your eyes open, all the pressures of the world are there to greet you. Before you fully get a grasp of your mental to do list, or even break the fast for yourself and family, something comes to challenge your peace. I know that I am not alone in sharing this familiar episode of mom life. But I will share with you in this post a great tool, through Yoga, and how it can support the Balance many Busy Moms strive to maintain and cultivate each day.

Seated Yoga Pose

Ok, truth, most mornings, lately, with the weather being indecisive, I have tried to stay in the warm cocoon of my bed. But Life won’t Let me. I rise, honor the presence of the Divine in my life and get going! So here’s where the fun begins. Moving from Task to task, Work situation to the responsibility of family Many Women, Mother’s specifically don’t include themselves in the processes of their daily lives. But Grounding yourself in a Practice such as Yoga can give you the support rquired to breathe more life into the experience of truely living.

The Mummy Pose

Ok, I know, not everyone feels that Yoga is for them. But this is not an post to encourage you to structure your life about the unfamiliar of the age old practice. This is an encouragement to reclaim a portion of the day to remember you and your space in this world. Let me also share that Yoga is a Process, At least for me a Practice to Peace. I expected the first class I took for all my stresses to disappear. Silly me. But I am thankful for this 3 years forward in the process of my practice towards my own Peace. It is something I would not overlook going forward.

A Backbending Pose
Forward Bend Yoga Pose
Prone Yoga Pose
Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose

The following Postures can be done with minimal effort for beginners and those who are familiar with yoga altogether:

  • Cross legged seated Yoga Pose- great for increasing flexibility and a gentle hip opener
  • The Mummy Pose- great for grounding yourself to the earth
  • Back bend Yoga Pose- great for releasing stress in the spine and improving flexibility
  • Forward bend Yoga Pose-Another posture for reducing stress, anxiety and even depression
  • Prone Yoga Pose-improves sleep and also reduces tension in the spine
  • Shoulder stand Yoga Pose- Great for improving sleep habits, relieves digestive concerns and even benefits women going through Menopause

Now what is it about these poses supports in the life of a Busy Mom? These poses distract the busyness of the mind by reminding you of the strength, power and frailty of your body. They show you how in control you are of your current Reality in each moment. They can push you beyond discomfort to overcome any challenge. They will leave you ready for a good nights rest. since the memory of these images ( taken in 2017), I have shed inner and outer baggage. Almost 100 pounds of physical weight released from my Physical Body. A lot of Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Healing has been and is being accomplished through my Yoga Practice. These are just a few of the poses in my Practice. I will share a full sequence of my Practice with you soon in a future post. If you are interested in starting your own Yoga Journey, Connect with me. Whether local or online, I am here to support you on your journey to Being the Best you meant for you to be.

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