The Use and Benefits of Gaviola for Well-being

Graviola Green Tea Smoothie Recipe

There truly is nothing new under the sun. We exist in a space where the knowledge and insights of the past have ebb and flows within the human experience. What do I mean by that? We have access to the same information, environments and resources that those who came before, our ancestors used to create the path that many of us are on today. They established traditions and practices that we employ in many areas of our lives today. So learning about the connection of Plant and herbs to Health & Well-being is not a new age or new way of living. We are just more inclined at this time based on our own individual path or life challenges. Graviola is one such plant used in traditions of years past by many different people for more than food consumption.

Soursop, Custard Apple and Guanabana are the many names that Graviola has been identified with in cultures worldwide. The entire tree has elements used in nutrition, health & wellness as well as the prevention of Dis-ease. The Bark, Leaves, Roots and Fruit are consumable internally as well as some for topical use. The Fruit is a delicious, sweet, soft and smooth texture. The taste has been described as being similar to pineapples, bananas and papaya.

Some ways I use Graviola

Finding the right Graviola in my local area is difficult as it not grown or cultivated where I currently live. So seeking out online sources was the best option for me. Herbal Goodness is a Organic Super-food manufacturer that has seen the Value in adding this Nutrition powerhouse to there product lineup. They offer it in the form of liquid, tea blends, single or blended powder. I use the Tea because I love Tea! It’s easiest for me to use in my daily flow, hot or cold. Check out their Blog for some additional recipes Ideas. Or to get your own box of Herbal Graviola Tea follow the link below. Here’s to your Good health and well-being and How Graviola can be of use to you!

Graviola Ice Cream recipe

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