How I use Cricut®️ to CREATE

The Cricut Provo Expression Cutting machine

Creating projects for working from home, Homeschooling and craft projects in general,can be very time consuming. The things that many mom’s use and need to bring their creative pursuits to life on a daily basis were not always so easily accessible. But creating unique items that express your vision doesn’t have to be outsourced to a graphic designer or printing company. Many companies offer equipment that can do all the things that would require the assistance and support of numerous third parties. Cricut is a Creative DIYers dream! Cricut is a cutting machine, originally created for Crafters. But it’s potential continues to expand beyond just making unique memorable pieces for the home or your family.

It can function as a sticker/decal maker, also creating signs,labels and cards. They also have machines that can cut fabric too! I have used the Cricut to create Business cards, Product labels and a variety of crafting projects over the years. It was an easy process that replaced years of Hodge podge creativity. Now let me be realistic and share the pros and cons of getting your own Cricut machine. The machine that I have experience with is the Cricut Provo Expression. As they no longer make this model, I am sharing my insights on upgrading to a newer version of in the Explore series.

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  • Easy to use- you don’t have to be tech savvy to use it. There websites offers software for the machines, so no need to purchase to much additional support to get started. They also have tons of instructions that you can use for free( with your machines specific information) and have access no matter where you are in the world.
  • It’s a great for beginners to die- cutting
  • You can use old cartridges from any previous version of Cricut in the newer machines. ( A big plus for those with a legacy model such as the Cricut Expression)
  • New time saving features allow you to write and cut at the same time.
  • New one click cutting settings, offering options for cutting a variety of materials, from paper to fabric.


  1. The Price can be a challenge to some. As the new Explore model has an initial cost of $149 to start.
  2. Cost of supplies for use with your machine can escalate quickly. A good place to begin is at your local craft supply or fabric stores. Check out their clearance areas and watch for sales of the items you intend to use in your designs.
  3. Add-ons come at a Premium. Any tools, cartridges that you will need for the machine will be in addition to the machine purchase price.
  4. As of July 15,2018, the $75 dollars off for those upgrading from a legacy model is no longer available. 😭

Now that you have some idea as to how you can use the cricut machine to meet your needs, ask yourself the following questions. What machine should I start with? How will I use it? Can I really afford this purchase? What materials will I need, in addition to the Cricut machine?

Cricut is Easy as 123

While the Cricut Cutting machine may not be an option for most, it can be a great tool to making the most out of your creative passions. Investing in the right products can save time,money and improve how much or often you are able to Manifest the Creativity inside of that ever expanding mind of yours.


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