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Tasty Tuesdays- From The Prana Snacks Company: Our Five Tricks for Going Vegan

On this Tasty Tuesday, Im Sharing with you some plant based goodness. This blog post from The Prana Snacks company has some useful tips if you’re considering transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. Check it out and tell me what you think. Our Five Tricks for Going Vegan Source: Our Five Tricks for Going Vegan …

A pause for a greater cause- My 2020 Vision

I have truly been enjoying the peacefulness of this season of togetherness and family. Growing through the principles of Kwanzaa with my family has been installed as a new Tradition we will honor with more consistency. In the spirit of transparency in everything I am pursuing, I almost got caught up again. With setting the intentions for this platform to be a source of encouragement, support and manifesting my financial independence, I felt disappointment in myself for not being able to fulfill my editorial calendar. I do have some automated posts set and ready to go. But I decided to just take a pause, to reflect on where I am in this process and really ground myself in the growth I have received through this year soon coming to a close. I have grown beyond my own expectations. I can own the truth it brought to my sight. I am a shadow of my former self. I am a Teacher for myself first and foremost.


Manifest it Mondays-Plan with me for productivity: My 2020 Vision

In my previous post I shared a view that may just be unique to myself. This year has brought many shifts and trans-formative energies in the lives of many people. We are all looking at what has gone to better prepare and plan for the year to come. My 2020 Vision will be anchored in …

Manifest it Mondays- Mom Essentials: Work/Family/Life Flow,end of year Reflections

This feeling of growth and transformation is ever present in my daily life. And it is through that spiritual presence that I share the vibrations that got me here. In this post I take a look back at those energies that supported and shaped for forward movement and the ones I am calling into my …

Tasty Tuesdays-Plant Based Goodness: My Favorite No heat Plant based Treats

Ok, Moment of truth. I was addicted to sugar for over 29 years. I learned this most recently as I have shifted to a Cruelty free way of eating. The one thing that was the hardest to release was all the sweet treats I consumed. I loved bread, which i learnt contained large amounts of sugar. I also loved ice cream, another high sugar contender and Strawberry Lemonade couldn’t pass me by. In the recent past, I’ve found several alternatives that did not cause me to emotionally indulge and were for the most part guilt free.

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