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How to plan a sustainable children’s birthday party — The Hillbilly African

We just celebrated my little on turning three a few days ago. How time has flown by! She keeps us on our toes. So sweet, opinionated, friendly, inquisitive, and hilarious. Her birthday is meaningful to me because I love getting to celebrate her growth, and the anniversary of my foray into motherhood. As a minimalist, […] …

African Holistic Health Monthly Newsletter

I subscribe to this very useful Resource. It provides a lot of information that has served my family well, check it out. https://africanholistic.weebly.com/ #Africanholistichealth #Thegoddessonthego #lisamariejeanpierre

Self-Acceptance: 5 Practices for Releasing Self-Judgement

Developing unconditional self-acceptance is not about doing anything—it’s about letting go of self-judgments that are getting in the way of your self love. — Read on http://www.consciouslifestylemag.com/self-acceptance-self-judgment/ #consciouslifestylemagazine #selfacceptance #selfjudgement #thegoddessonthego #lisamariejeanpierre

Benefits of the Location Independent Movement by John Spencer Ellis

In this Post, John Spencer Ellis, Founder of the Spencer Institute and N.E.S.T.A. (The National Endurance Sports Training Association) shares his thoughts on why a location free lifestyle is an upward trend many should consider. https://johnspencerellis.com/benefits-of-the-location-independent-movement/ #johnspencerellis #nesta #spencerinstitute #lifestylexpressions #thegoddessonthego #lisamariejeanpierre

Podbean Podcast from Wellness Mama Episode 294

In the Podbean Podcast from Wellness Mama shares insight on what foods support maintenance of the body while dealing with hormonal changes, check it out! I love Wellness Mama® | 294: Using Targeted Nutrition to Alleviate Hormone Related Issues With Dr. Chris Masterjohn, let’s play it! https://www.podbean.com/ei/dir-r9f6a-7218061 #podebean #wellnessmama #nutrition #hormonalbalance #thegoddessonthego #lisamariejeanpierre #health&wellness

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