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Papaya Seeds with Papaya fruit is a great source of fiber.

Papaya is a nutrient dense tropical fruit grown in various regions around the world. It is the fruit of the Carica papaya plant. It has long been seen as a source of health and wellness in diverse cultures who have used many the entire tree to maintain well-being and good health for generations. Herbal Goodness, A Women owned company based in Plano Texas is building on the traditional legacy of this Superfood through their products in the Herbal Papaya* Brand. Their USDA Certified line of Papaya products include healthy goods made from the powder, leafs, extracts, seeds of the Tree. There is also a Leaf Tea blend.

Herbal Papaya Green Powder Capsules

Adding at least one superfood such as Papaya to your eating regimen can support your journey of wellness internally. It is a great source of protein and necessary Amino Acids. It can be eaten raw, added to smoothies and the green papaya is used Raw in various Asian inspired Salad dishes. Herbal Papaya provides an easy way to consume this gift from Nature.

Fresh Green Papaya fruit
Source: nutrition data.self.com

Green Papaya powder is a great option to gently detox your intestines, improving the overall health of your gut*. This most certainly can reduce the risk of any and all dis-ease in the body. Click the links in this post to learn more about the Herbal Goodness of Herbal Papaya and what it can do for you.

Papaya Fruit Powder Goodness

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