The Reality of Therapy for Black Women

As I am Growing with the flow like most of us on the journey of healing…Today’s life lesson opens a door that has been culturally closed for many people that look like me,whether it’s gender or equality… I had my first Therapy session today. ☺️ I give thanks to Having a space to Release those long held energies that no longer support my journey.

Although we are surrounded by a plethora of options for healing, Therapy for Black woman is not encouraged in many circles. It’s sad that we can be revered in our feminist, nurture our families, excel academically, build and run Fortune 500 companies. But seeking therapy is a shame that many are forced to endure without the support of there family and friends and even community . Therapy is a powerful tool along life’s journey. And Im no longer ashamed of the stigma or how it’s perceived. I have to empower my children and others like me to see the beauty in there becoming, in all things.

To do the work that others need me to do for them, I am fully committing to all aspects of healing as necessary. As an advocate for self development for so many years, you’d think How could I get caught up in what others think about something that I do for my own health and well-being? Pretty easy. The nurturer in me has always put others before myself even in the space of my own discomfort. But to show you that you can achieve and accomplish the life you want to live and still be challenged by what happened before you got to where you are. I use the strength, courage and inner wisdom that to not only empower others. These are tools that remind me daily of how wonderful this life can truly be, when we trust it unconditionally. I am stepping out of comfort to be uncomfortable to maintain my inner comfort. Everything truly heals from the inside out. So the inner work I have achieved throughout the years was progress to supporting this temporary discomfort. Always strive for the best in your life. Even if you don’t know how you can make it happen.Keep Growing, Keep going. I look forward to sharing more of my own growth in My Mental Wellness. If you’d like to learn more about the services that I will be using in partnership with my Therapy, send me a message. I give thanks that I am able to hold space for others as there are those who hold spaces for me.

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  1. I agree there is a stigma around therapy especially among black women, as black women we are taught to be strong and keep people out of our business. I am glad you are taking care your mental health and doing what you need to do start your journey of healing. God bless you!

    1. Thank you @Kimpetit , we must be the change we seek in this world. Blessings to you also!

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