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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre. I’m a Wellness Professional. If you’re new to my site or what my mission and vision are, I’m going to share a bit of that in this post. The Goddess on the Go is a platform I established to share my Business products and services with the global community. I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach, A Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach, A Certified Yoga teacher, A Licensed Skin Therapist specializing in Facials, Body Wraps and Custom product creation. My 20 plus years of experience in the Health and Wellness industry has been cultivated through my own life journey. I offer Lifestyle and Skincare services for women. I am on a mission to inspire, empower and support women. To hold space for those determined beyond their circumstance to live fulfilling lives, in whatever way that may be and manifest there true passions and purpose, towards their destiny.

Most women have a highly developed ability to choose their emotional responses to external factors. In other words, they choose the extent to which people or situations can knock them off balance. Discovering what a woman is able to do best and channeling that energy into the areas of life where it’s most beneficial, is easier said than done. We are no doubt in my mind, exceptional beings and must encourage each other to become the champions of our destiny. Often Dismissed by many logical minds as “soft”, we have no doubt that women who fulfill their potential do so on the sheer power of their inner passion. To change what is no longer working, to be better than their firmer selves or to be a part of something exceptional in the world, at large.

Passion is energetic, dynamic and contagious. Whatever innate abilities and gifts, however great the passion, if a woman does not believe in her own success she will fail. The power for her to succeed is a conviction that she will make it, no matter what. Women who become a part of The Goddess on the Go community will be able to anchor themselves in this belief, even in the face of temporary failure. If positive belief is the power behind achievement, negative self-image is the key altering factor. An empowering self-image and self esteem are building blocks on which a woman’s inner success is built. Knowing your true potential, having a strong sense of your internal identity can ensure her future self.

Knowing where your dream of being (your vision) and defining the steps to get there( your goals) is both a science and an art . Empowered women do this differently. They have a highly developed ability to visualize a future at a logical and emotional level, with balance. A majority of women fail to use ( or believe in) their ability to create a future they envision. The irony of it is that all women have an extraordinary natural ability to do this with any assistance. The key again is belief. The most powerful driver within all women is the need for meaning and purpose.

The Goddess on the go is about Knowing what you want and getting it.

The Goddess on the go is about Manifesting change beyond your challenges.

The Goddess on the about achieving personal fulfillment to achieve in other areas of your life.

The Goddess on the go is about Being who you are to be beyond your life circumstance.

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