We’re Taking this Show on the Road… Literally

It’s been my goal for years to downsize into more minimal living spaces. Over the past 10 years, Life has truly challenged me to meet that intention. Through homelessness, Having abundant Living spaces and even house sharing, It’s clear to me that my Home or Dwelling is what I make it to be. So, we are taking our already minimal way of living on the Road, to have more expansive Life experiences. What good is a Dwelling if you’re not Truly Living in it! Click the link to listen in, Manifest the best in your life this week! Keep growing, Keep Going! #thegoddessonthego #lisamariejeanpierre #bushwombman #Goingmobile #livingwithoutlimits #wombmanifesting #podbean


About The Goddess on the Go

Warrior Mama Goddess, Nurturer, Curator of The Goddess on the Go. Holistic Life Coach, Lifestyle Concierge
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