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Full Body/Mud Wrap Mask

Full Body/Mud Wrap Mask Full Body/Mud Wrap Mask — Read on lisamariejeanpierre.com/2017/12/23/full-body-mud-wrap-mask/

The Framework of Family

In this, My First Podcast, I share just a quick clip that I will expand on further…sooner more than later. The foundation of who we are is created by our families, that can determine many pathways of success or failure in our lives…check it out #thegoddessonthego #iamsacred #bushwombman #goddessonthego4u #podbean #mylifestylexpressions #lisamariejeanpierre http://www.podbean.com/ei/pb-mx45d-c4e953


Take care people. 

types of healthy coping skills

sensitivesuggestion: 1. self-soothing comforting yourself through the 5 senses Touch: stuffed animals, stress balls, taking a bath, a soft blanket Hear: music, audio book, guided relaxation See: snow globe, glitter, calming images, art, anything that pleases you visually  Taste: tea, mints, gum Smell: lotion, candles, incense  2. distraction removing your focus from the stressor for …


This Is What It’s Like To Be “Depressed While Black”

Gifs: Project UROK

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