Honoring the Timeline of my Expansion

The World will tell you that your feelings don’t matter. It will do the most to push to newest tool of gratification in your face to take your feelings from you. Like many people I bought into living this way. Some have said, this is suffering in silence. It seems this was the way that many folks of cultural diversity came to cope with this specific adversity, but at the true cost of not knowing yourself and the feelings that dwell deep within. How Rewarding has the Bait and Switch really been? I recorded these thoughts earlier this evening venting on this Spiritual Journey that I have found myself on, when I really just wanted to heal the hurt and pain I was holding on to. I refuse to label the path I am walking and I have no intention on being predisposed to the characters others might deem my experiences to be reminiscent to. I am walking this spirit walk with myself, the most high and the Shining beings my children have shown themselves to be to me. I Give Thanks for courage, I Give Thanks for the Quiet strength that grows within me.



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