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Energy Balancer
Starting my Detox
Completing my Detox

It really wasn’t my intention to receive this treatment today, but nothing is coincidence in my life at this time. The Herb Corner (I call it my local herbal apothecary) offers various essentials for living well. From loose dry herbs, Essential Oils and various earth elements. The Herb Corner helps me do my thing. And even though I was there to meet the needs of another, the message became clear to assist myself as well. With growth comes change. A change from the old, embracing the new, so adjusting or adding to my wellness routine is a plus.

The EB balancing Machine gently cleanses those unwanted toxins from the body. The treatment consists of placing your feet into water treated by the EB305 unit. The unit generates a programmable mix of positive and negative ions (charged atoms) that can balance the body’s meridians and normalize its ph helping to rid itself of those unwanted toxins.

Healthy individuals can expect to feel lighter with more energy and a greater sense of well-being. Some people with edema, headaches, sinus problems, gout, arthritis, lymph edema and neuralgia have experienced relief with multiple treatments.(credit-Theherbcorner.net).

I did notice a shift in my bodys energy. Prior to starting the treatment my body felt heavy. Upon completion of the treatment, I can only say I feel light as a feather- lol.
To learn more about this treatment, visit HERE.
To learn more about the EB 305 Detox Machine, visit HERE

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