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The Goddess on the Go is an exhibition of the various tools that Owner and Lifestyle Concierge Lisa Marie Jean-Pierre used along her journey of self discovery. “I faced many challenges and I decided to take responsibility for them, no matter how hard it may have been sometimes. I gained appreciation for my life, my place in the world, and my potential for changing the things I didn’t like about myself and my surroundings. As a result, I cultivated ideas and methods that can assist others with finding balance while working, being parents, raising children with developmental delays, transitioning to working from home, even living a minimalist lifestyle and juggling day-to-day responsibilities of the Feminine Experience”, she says.

Catering primarily to women, those who are and are not mother’s, our services keep the whole you in mind. Health, Beauty and Wellness at times go hand in hand. So does nurturing the inner and outer aspects of yourself. Our Lifestyle and Skincare Services take care of the parts of you that need to be fully functional. This allows you to take charge of your life first and foremost, to be present for others as needed. The Goddess on the Go is a Lifestyle brand offering traditional and non traditional programs, services and  products to those seeking balance in their lives. Those looking to honor their own truth.

Our Skincare services include a range of handcrafted products that support your skincare, hair care and bodycare needs. We offer Skin Therapy for those in our local area that include, facials, body wrap treatments and hair removal. Another special offering in this focus area also allows you to create your own range of products for your individual home and family needs.

Our Lifestyle Services focus on the areas of Lifestyle & Weight Management, Holistic Life Coaching, Minimalist Lifestyle transition, Home Organizing, Personal Planning, Yoga for Stress Release, Practical Parenting for Homeschooling Moms, Meal & Menu Planning, there is something for almost everyone.

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